Adjustable Band Charcoal - Light

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  • Description
  • Description
  • The signature LEAN adjustable bands are back, but in the beautiful new LEAN colorways!   Charcoal = Light in resistance but versatile given the adjustable strap    Perfect for: all resistance, bodyweight and activation workouts involving exercises like Squats, Lunges, Pelvic Thrusts   Bag: Every band comes in a cotton draw string bag, each with a LEAN motivational message. This is perfect for storing the bands in your gym bag... Or anything else you fancy!


    Fabric band perfect for different intensities of your workouts - simply adjust the band to increase or decrease the resistance.

    • Adjustable buckle
    • Moveable strap
    • Fabric LEAN logo
    • Stretchable fabric material
    • Non-slip design


    All resistance, bodyweight and activation workouts involving exercises like Squats, Cossack Squats, Lunges, Pelvic Thrusts, Lateral Leg Lifts, Pulses.


    ❝Lilly’s bands are like no other bands!! They don’t slip, roll up, or snap like the latex bands do. I recommend all her bands but if I was to pick one I’d say the LEAN adjustable band!! You can adjust the resistance so your are basically getting a 3 in 1 band. ❞

    ❝Cannot beat the LEAN adjustable band! 👌🏻 Cannot imagine not having them❞

    ❝Definitely worth it in my opinion 🙂. It's always the perfect challenge because of it being adjustable and you can change it according to each exercise if needed. Seriously ads an extra booty burn❞

    ❝I love this band! It’s easy to use, easy to tighten and really helps you feel the burn❞

    ❝I love the adjustable band because you can adjust it depending on progression but also just how you are feeling that day. I find that it stays put really well.❞

    ❝These bad boys make every workout so much better ! The burn is unreal !!!❞