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Protein Packed Acai Bowl

One of many delicious acai smoothie bowls on my recipe page, this one has the added benefits of containing flaxseed and blueberries

In one of my earlier recipes I have outlined the very long list of benefits of the super acai berry. Below I have also listed the additional benefits that this bowl boasts by having  flaxseed (which are gluten free) and blueberries in it:

Protein pack acai bowl

Flaxseed benefits


High fibre, low carbs, and aids digestive health

Improved skin and hair health

Can aid weight loss and lower cholesterol

Can help with menopausal symptoms

High in Omega-3 fatty acids

With a prep time of only 5 mins, this really is the best breakfast, that you can even take in a flask on your way to work if you’re in a rush.


Acai berry powder 2 Tbsp

1 serving vanilla protein powder (Lean Whey has only 98 cals per serving)

Frozen blueberries, 1 handful

Flax, Chia seed, Apple & Cinnamon mix by Linwoods

200ml Coconut water (or liquid base of your choice)

Method: Blend the following

2 Tbsp Acai berry powder

1 Serving vanilla protein powder (I use Optimum Nutrition Lean Whey as its lower calories but high protein)

1 handfull of frozen or fresh blueberries

200ml coconut water

2 Tbsp Flax, Chia seed, Apple & Cinnamon by Linwoods

Make it look pretty

Full the bottem of a small serving dish with blueberries

Pour the acai smoothie mix over the blueberries to the top of the dish

Decorate with blueberries, linwoods superfood mix and chia seeds

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