Fine Tune Your Fitness Routine With The Right Resistance Band

Fine Tune Your Fitness Routine with the Right Resistance Band

The resistance band, otherwise known as the booty band, got this infamous name for a very good reason- it helps you to grow a round perky butt, AKA. glute muscles. This popular loop resistance band came into fame a few years ago through its new found popularity with social media fitness stars, teaching people how to activate their glutes before a workout. But way more than this, resistance bands (otherwise known as mini bands) are actually versatile fitness tools that will revolutionise your workouts. You can use them as an alternative to hand weights, or add them to your free and machine weight workouts to increase the intensity of familiar exercises. Although popularity shows that these travel friendly exercise bands are mainly used to workout your lower body, specifically your butt muscles, these material/plastic/rubber bands can also be used to intensify upper body workouts.

A little fun fact for you… Did you know that physical therapists have been using these bands for YEARS! Instead they call them therabands, which are long pieces of rubber band that can be cut and tied (and re-tied) to different lengths. During rehabilitation, therapists promote resistance bands as a way to target specific muscles, helping you regain strength after an injury.


As with every piece of exercise equipment, there is an encyclopedia of options available, which, let’s be real, can be stressful when it comes to shopping for them! The truth is, we want to save time and buy a band that isn’t going to snap and will give us enough resistance to get those gains (AKA. build lean muscle)

As you might expect, most resistance bands are pretty flexible (no pun intended). But there are some variations of bands that make certain exercises easier or more difficult.

The primary two categories are loop bands and tube bands, and they are available in either plastic or material.

Loop bands are a continuous loop of material that normally can’t be adjusted, apart from the new LEAN Adjustable design. Tube bands are shaped like smooth, slender ropes with handles at either end.

In summary, the most popular of the bands tends to be loop bands, because they are easy to use, light and easy to travel with and they can be used for 90% of standard gym exercises. The loop band tends to be an excellent choice for first-timers and experienced gym-goers alike, giving you the option of countless resistance band exercises.


So here’s the million dollar question: Why are some resistance bands $5 and some $22.50

Are you one of the 1,000,000’s people who have bought a cheap plastic resistance band and it snaps within the first month of using it? I certainly am!

As a general rule of thumb when you are searching for a resistance band, the following properties are a must: material band; non roll and non slip.

Not only will these bands last longer and give you more value for your money, they are also way more comfortable of the skin and way more effective. Of course these bands are more expensive, but a few snapped plastic bands later and you’ll be regretting not buying a material band.


Resistance bands are the most portable piece of exercise equipment and take next to no space or precious kg in your suitcase when travelling. If you're looking to make travelling with your resistance band as effortless as possible, look for a fabric band over a latex band with handles. A fabric band will fold right up and fit like a dream in your purse or bag. Even better if you can find an adjustable model like the LEAN Adjustable Band, offering the potential of three traditional band strengths in one small package.


If you're ready to explore the world of resistance band training, LEAN with Lilly has your back with our innovative fabric resistance bands.


High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is a popular workout method like cardio that boosts metabolism by alternating high intensity movements, like burpees or sprinting, with low intensity rest or lighter exercise. With the LEAN HIIT Band, you can increase the intensity of dynamic exercises such as jump squats, plank jacks and more without the need for weights. The non-slip fabric construction keeps you comfortable when performing repetitive movements.

LEAN Adjustable Resistance Band

Enjoy the benefits of a whole set of resistance bands with the LEAN Adjustable Resistance Band. Adjust the integrated loop to increase or decrease the resistance at a whim. You can easily customize the resistance on the band like a seatbelt, to match the specific exercise and watch your gains soar. Like our LEAN HIIT Band, the LEAN Adjustable Resistance Band is designed in non-slip, non-roll fabric for comfort that lasts your whole workout.

Explore resistance band training today

Whether looking to amp up your home workout, or searching for a complement to your gym routine, the resistance band is a must-have accessory for all levels of fitness lovers. The right band can power up familiar exercises to challenge your body, or target and sculpt specific muscles to achieve both therapeutic and aesthetic goals. Get empowered with workout guides and equipment from LEAN with Lilly, and discover all the ways resistance bands can work for you!

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