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Get ready to experience a deeper connection to your core, improved flexibility and stability, entire body strengthening and toning, increased fitness levels, and overall body balance as you master these 60 days. Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting out, our diverse and innovative sessions have something for everyone.

The LEAN Method Pilates Summer Sculpt Challenge isn't your average workout routine. It's an innovative blend of Pilates, strength training, HIIT, yoga, power yoga, and animal flow. Experience the power of diversity in your workouts, ensuring not only a dynamic and engaging experience but also maximum results.

Say goodbye to guesswork! Our 60 days are grounded in scientific principles that have been proven to maximize fitness results. Every session is purposefully designed, providing you with a clear path toward your fitness goals.

Tired of hitting plateaus in your fitness journey? Our meticulously structured plan ensures a progressive challenge, meaning you'll see sustainable results week after week. Stay motivated and witness continuous improvement throughout the 60-day challenge.

Meet our hand-picked team of trainers, chosen for their expertise and enthusiasm. They're not just here to guide; they're here to challenge you to the maximum, motivate you every step of the way, and support you through every single minute of each follow-along workout. Expect nothing less than good energy!

We believe working out should be fun, and that's exactly what our diverse and innovative sessions offer. Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting out, there's something for everyone in the LEAN Method Pilates Summer Sculpt Challenge. Variety ensures each workout feels fresh and exciting.

Elevate your fitness journey with a deeper connection to your core, improved flexibility and stability, entire body strengthening and toning, increased fitness levels, and overall body balance. Master these 60 days and emerge as a leaner, stronger, healthier, and more vibrant version of yourself.

achieve results like this...

Rachel, Northern Ireland, 17yo

Wow! 8 week guide finished up today, and I couldn't be more proud. .. LEAN is made for accountability, consistency and with such a range of workout styles I couldn't help but look forward to my evening workouts every day.My aim was to add some toning to my body but I could never have imagined the difference the LEAN Method could make!

Jackie, United States, 34yo

I discovered Lilly during the pandemic in 2020 I loved her style and her passion for what she was doing, along with her compassion for people in the LEAN community she’s made... I’ve loved every single guide and every challenge as of all the trainers she has had join the Familia to keep us goal orientated and focused on progression. I’ve never been confident and happy with my body and I still have quite a way to go but these women in the LEAN app has made me feel so empowered!


First picture was February 2023, Second picture is from October 2023. Fitness to me gave me my life back, it makes me feel good about myself and I cannot go one day without working out to my favourite Lilly Sabri videos. I start every morning with them!

Why does the LEAN Method work SO well?

It all comes down to the science. Or as our mantra goes inside the Familia “HOLD, PULSE, BURRRRN!” By combining progressive overload, a structured workout split and a hybrid training model - you’re covering all ground and making progress in every area of your fitness while having a bloomin’ great time doing it. This hybrid model optimises your efforts with workouts designed to sculpt, build strength, and burn fat efficiently

Sculpt & Pilates

A low impact Pilates styled way of training, often with added resistance as you become fitter and stronger - to sculpt & tone lean muscle.


Bringing your gym based resistance training to home and getting just as great results.


A mix of high & low impact cardio workouts to get you sweating, improving your cardiovascular health and burning fat.


Over 1000+ hours worth of new workout content: with Over 40+ training guides and workouts for all fitness levels, filter by duration, equipment, style or intensity level

Live follow along workouts, just like YouTube but even better.

Access to our infamous LTM Guides: Personalised Guide recommendations based on your goals and preferences

Access literally 100’s of recipes and meal plans “done-for-you” shopping lists - meal prepping never looked so easy

Exclusive access to new LEAN product drops & discounts

100s of recipes to support your nutrition

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