Prawn Sesame Stir Fry On Quinoa

Cooking time: 20 mins

Serving size: 2 people

Grocery List

king prawns

cajun spice

Pak choi


1 onion

sesame seeds

oyster sauce


soy sauce

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1.    Prepare quinoa in a saucepan

2. cook prawns in a saucepan in 1 Tbsp coconut oil, and

2 Tbsp cajun spice.

Cook on a medium heat for approx. 10 mins

3. Prepare stir fry in a wok, adding kale & Pak choi to 2 Tbsp Oyster sauce & 1 Tbsp soy sauce

4. Cook on a medium heat for 10 mins before adding the prawns & a sprinkle of sesame seeds to the wok & cover with a lid for a further 5 mins

5. Serve up stir fry on quinoa, sprinkling sesame seeds on top